Repair Services

What can we repair?    Tarpie Sewing 
We can usually repair most things made from PVC, Heavy Canvas, Netting or Mesh.                  
Regulars include:

Lorry Side Curtains

Side curtains do get ripped and worn due to daily use but unfortunately they are often slashed by thieves or vandalised. Replacing curtains can be expensive so we offer a repair service. We attempt the cleanest repair possible so that you not only retain the strength of the curtain and save money but keep your fleet looking smart too!

Call us when you are passing this way and you can swing in for a repair. 

Canvas Sheets, Old Fashioned Canvas (Scout) Tents & Historical Covers 

With canvas sheets often used for work with steel, even though they are super heavy duty, they are forever getting caught on sharp edges... We can patch and stitch your sheets to get as much life from them as possible. Old fashioned canvas tents, historical vintage sheets and stall covers tend to have been around for a while and well used for many years but we can fix them. 


Debris nets, Skip nets, Transcovers, Hyva, Auto nets etc.. They can all be repaired. We make great value and often improved replacements for most of these too.

Tarpaulin Sheets and Covers

All manner of industrial and specialist commercial covers and tarpaulins.

We have been asked to repair all sorts of things. So, just give us a call or drop us an email and we will let you know how best to fix your problem.