We can make whatever you need to cover, protect, divide, shade, seperate, keep dry, store, display....

We specialise if high quality manufacture using high quality materials. We take your individual requirements in to account during our design process, such as, does it need to be UV stable? Does it need to be flame retardant? Does the item stored need air flow? 

PVC. Canvas, Polyester. Polyethylene, Netting, Mesh, Transparent... Call us now for a chat about what you need.

Great Prices - Great Quality - Great Service - Great Value! 

Blists Hill Victorian Fairground Roof Rear   Tarpaulin to cover sandpit  MOD Warrior 150x150  Outdoor play area sun shade for school or nursery  patio windbreak 150x150   
Henrys Shifnal Patio Shade 150x150 Trailer Tent cover 150x150 boat cover 4 pencil canopy windbreak Transport Cover  
Sanpit cover Transport Box Cover Pick up bed cover